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Women to Women sponsors weekend retreats each year. The next one will be held at Ridgecrest Conference Center in the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina.The weekend begins Friday evening and ends at 11:00 Sunday morning with four powerful messages and special music at each session. Each morning begins with devotions and Saturday afternoon is free time for whatever pleases each attendee.

Our guest speaker for this retreat is Mrs. Brenda Blankenship--Bible teacher, author, composer, wife and mother. Her heart's desire is to see women engrossed in the study of God's Word so that they might understand how much God loves them and how He longs to see them truly free.

Registration will begin mid-summer and is open to ALL interested women. You do not have to be a part of the weekly Bible study to participate in the retreat. Registration will end September 15, 2021..

More information regarding the retreat, including retreat costs and room rates at Ridgecrest, as well as the registration form itself will come at a later date.

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